We wholeheartedly believe, the future of this nations gorgeous growth, its peaceful prosperity, and rich diversity lay in innovations, developed by you and us. It is for this reason that the Unified Innovators Society was formed.

UIS aims to build innovators in the country that they may develop sustainable innovations through which they can live off. We also aim to promote innovation and harness its ability to provide opportunities for unemployed youth and women in this country. One of the specific ways we will use to attain these goals is by creating a community of innovators. This is aimed at establishing a space, where innovators can meet, interact, and be guided on matters appertaining such as: intellectual property, linkages with seed investors, sit downs with relevant government bodies such as NACOSTI, and meetings with potential markets.

This forum will also serve as meeting place and incubation hub for innovators that they may be facilitated to carry out pertaining activities. A good example is a product launches of their innovations.


To raise African Innovators who bring real change via the art of innovation.

Our journey begins with preaching the gospel of innovation, its benefits to the kenyan eonomy and helping the silent innovators step up to showcase his/her idea. UIS walks this path with the innovator right from the realization of a novel idea, its translation to a working prototype, manufacturing of a product and eventually watching it transform lives.


To discover innovators, equip them and incubate their ideas into products.

Our ultimate dream is to build innovation hubs all over the country possibly in every county, giving and accessible opportunity for every innovator to access facilities, knowledge materials, mentorship and guidance into bringing forth their ideas into realization.

Innovator stats


Peter Njenga Ng'ang'a



Elaine Ngina Kyalo



Ryan Musumba Awori



Keith Korir


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